Set the Stage for a Great Conversation

researching a future employer is necessary

It's time to sign up for some campus interviews, but now the BIG questions are: With whom do you want to interview? And, more importantly, where do you want to start your career? After all, you will spend many hours at your new full-time job, so it's best to do some research before you even begin the interviewing process. Here are our top 10 tips for researching your future employer:

10. Find out if the firm is a good fit for you. Do they have the kind of culture you are looking for? Are they in an area that interests you? How big is the firm?

9. Are you a good fit for the firm? What kind of hours do they expect you to work? Can you live up to their staff promise?

8. See if the firm's work interests you. What types of industries do they serve? What types of services do they offer?

7. Become familiar with the firm. It is easier to have a great conversation with an interviewer if you know something about the firm. Has it won any awards or recognitions? What is the firm best known for?

6. Know what activities the firm supports. Knowing what they are involved in will help you understand their expectations. Are they hosting any events for their clients? Are they speaking at or attending conventions? How do they support the communities in which they're located?

5. Check to see if the firm is growing. A growing firm can offer more opportunities to its partners and staff. How is the firm ranked nationwide? What has its growth been during the past few years? Check out the firm’s news releases to see recent happenings.

4. Find out if the firm is using social media. This could indicate how technologically proactive and progressive a firm is. Does the firm have a Facebook page? Are they on LinkedIn?

3. Make sure the perks fit your needs. Depending on where you are in your career, you may need certain benefits. Does the firm offer a wellness benefit? Will they help you obtain your CPA licensure? What other perks do they offer?

2. Find out why their staff like working for the firm. Many times, you can get a better feel for the firm by hearing what current staff members say. Find out what "newbies" think, and take a look at what the seasoned professionals have to say as well.

And the #1 reason for researching that perfect employer… Search for open positions. Do they have any positions you have an interest in? If they do, great! Apply for the position. If they do not currently have a position that fits your qualifications (but you really like the firm), bookmark the firm and check back often to see if any new positions are available.

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