A Place To Grow ...


“Eide Bailly is different. The firm encourages work-life balance, and I truly believe that everyone wants me to succeed at work and in my personal life. I know it sounds cheesy, but I see Eide Bailly as my ending, as well as my beginning.”


Senior Tax Associate


Waukesha, Wisc.


University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis

My Career Path:

I attended a Summer Leadership Program at Eide Bailly in Minneapolis, and then I was offered a busy season internship. During my internship, I worked in the financial institutions group as well as general tax. Two years after my internship, I began as a tax associate. 

Describe your typical day at Eide Bailly:

I like to arrive to work early and grab a hot black cup of coffee from the breakroom. I check my emails and tend to some administrative things. Until lunch, I work on various projects, like tax returns or setting up a new client in our software. Everyone in my department usually goes to lunch around 11:30 a.m. Chatting with everyone is a perfect break in the day. Oftentimes I will have some training or shorter meetings discussing a project. Many of us are big fans of Yogurt Lab and an occasional afternoon excursion there is known to happen.  


I try to be crafty and have taken up knitting and scrapbooking. Sometimes I’ll head down to the public library to exercise my fingers on their grand piano. I also have a 1-year-old puppy that keeps me quite busy and I love to spend time outside with her, going to the dog park where she’ll run laps around me and the other dogs. 

Why I chose Eide Bailly:

I met Eide Bailly’s recruiting manager, Lauri Dahlberg, at a progressive dinner the night before a career fair. She expressed so much enthusiasm for Eide Bailly and her colleagues that I wanted to learn more. After attending a Summer Leadership Program, I knew that the firm culture, especially the work-life balance, were exactly what I had been looking for in a public accounting firm.

If I won a billion dollars today I would:

I would start by paying off my student loans! I would also book a few vacations around the world. I feel strongly about service organizations and would love to provide financial assistance to a few. Lastly, I would invest and try to turn the $1 billion into $2 billion.

Three things you’ll find on my desk:

Three coffee mugs, a graduation card from a co-worker and snacks. I always keep my cube stocked and ready for a chocolate craving.

My first job:

In high school, I worked as a busser at a family owned Asian restaurant. My least favorite part about the job was cleaning the restrooms, but my favorite part was the dinners the chefs would throw together for the staff. So yummy!

A perfect day, according to me:

My perfect day would be waking up to a freshly made cup of coffee and taking my dog for a long walk. After baking some cookies and goodies all day, I would go to some of the craft breweries in the area with my friends. 

My most embarrassing moment:

Recently, I was walking in the skyway through Macy’s and there was an empty, foot-high cart where mannequins usually stand in the middle of the walkway. I was chatting and not looking forward and walked right into the cart, jamming my shins and flailing on top of the cart. All of this was in the middle of a busy skyway in a department store. All I could do was laugh to try and hide my embarrassment. 

My dream job (other than working at Eide Bailly, of course!):

I would love to own a food truck. I could be my own boss and come up with tasty creations. However, I don’t have any culinary experience and the food truck market in Minneapolis has some serious competition.

My favorite number:

I don’t think that I have a favorite number but if I had to choose, I would probably say one because I am a pretty competitive person. 

My favorite city to visit:

I love visiting Seattle. My sister has lived out there a number of years, and I feel very comfortable finding my way around the city. Because I have a newborn niece there, I’m sure my visits will become more frequent. 

Why I became an accountant:

Accounting has analytical aspects that I love. Every detail in a tax return could cost or save a client money, and I enjoy problem solving and applying rules to help the client. People always say, “You must love numbers and math.” I actually don’t. I enjoy that accounting isn’t creating or calculating numbers, but in many cases, using numbers to explain a position and help a client. 

My biggest pet peeve:

I hate when my kitchen counter is cluttered with dirty dishes, mail and who knows what. I always try to keep at least that area picked up, but I can’t say the same for my clothes closet.