A Team To Count On ...


“My Eide Bailly coworkers have become valuable teammates. The Firm encourages a team approach to most projects, which means we not only become close, we also can count on each other to be there when we need help.”


Tax Manager


Warner, S.D.


Northern State University, Aberdeen, S.D.

Why I chose Eide Bailly:

Eide Bailly is a well-known, reputable firm in the Aberdeen area and could offer me numerous learning opportunities with lots of room for growth and advancement.


I enjoy playing volleyball and softball and spending a lot of time at the lake during the summer.

A typical day at work:

I don’t think I could describe a typical day because our jobs provide so much variety. No day is ever the same; every day I learn something new.

If I won a billion dollars today:

After paying off our debt, I would take a vacation with my husband and probably start dreaming up new house plans.

My first job:

Growing up on a farm, I helped with cattle chores and worked in the field for my dad.

My perfect day:

Sleeping in, having my husband make me breakfast, and then spending a relaxing day out on the lake.

My dream job (other than working at Eide Bailly, of course!):

Interior designer or realtor.

The most exotic place I’ve ever been:

The Bahamas, which isn’t all that exotic.

Why I became an accountant:

I enjoy the challenge, working with numbers, and helping people.

My biggest pet peeve:

People being late.

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