“Eide Bailly fits with my game plan, because it’s an innovative firm that creates endless opportunities – and this energizes me. And it doesn’t hurt that I work with an amazing team of people who I consider not only co-workers, but good friends.”


Audit Associate 


Hazen, N.D.


University of North Dakota, Grand Forks

My Career Path:

I went through the Summer Leadership Program in 2012 and then interned at Eide Bailly in the spring of 2013 and again in the fall of 2014. I started full time in August 2015.

Describe your typical day at Eide Bailly:

My typical day can vary greatly depending on the time of year and what industries I am working with. I would say I spend about 75 percent of the year at various clients’ locations and about 25 percent of the year in our office. When I’m with a client, our audit team of two to three members interacts closely with the client’s staff. We have many conversations to learn about their business and operations, all while reviewing their financial backup for accuracy.


I’m very happy when I’m on the golf course or in a hockey rink.

Why I chose Eide Bailly:

The most important factors in my decision to choose Eide Bailly were the location, the size of the firm and the people. Being from North Dakota, I knew I wanted to stay in the state, but be with a firm large enough for career advancement. Also, I knew if I ever wanted to move after starting in the Fargo office, I would easily be able to transfer to one of their more than two dozen offices. Lastly, I knew the people at Eide Bailly were the type of people I would chose to be friends with, regardless of being co-workers. All these factors together made my decision easy. Eide Bailly was the only choice.

If I won a billion dollars today I would:

Earlier this spring when the lottery was around $500 million, we were on the road traveling to a client and decided to buy a couple of tickets. If we won, we were going to buy a plane and head to Las Vegas. I would fulfill that dream for the team. Then I would go back to Hazen and build a state-of-the-art hockey rink and golf course.

Three things you’ll find on my desk:

UND Championship banner, Glen Perkins bobble head and a bag of Starburst.

My first job:

During my summers in high school, I was a garbage man riding on the back of the truck. I really liked it for a summer job, but it made me realize I wanted a career indoors.

A perfect day, according to me:

My perfect day would be getting to the golf course around 7 a.m., playing 18 holes, then heading to the lake in the afternoon to relax on a pontoon for the rest of the day.

My most embarrassing moment:

Last year at a training event the night activity was dueling pianos. It also happened to be my birthday. One of the partners caught wind of this and made sure I got on stage. The performers urged me to dance and sing along with the songs (I’m a bad singer and an even worse dancer). Many different partners and staff members were in the audience which made it embarrassing at the time, but after the fact we all laughed about it.

My dream job (other than working at Eide Bailly, of course!):

General manager of the Philadelphia Flyers would be exciting. My retirement dream job is to be a Zamboni driver in the winters and mow greens in the summer.

My favorite number:

Nine—it was my first hockey number.

My favorite city to visit:

My favorite city that I have visited is Boston. I went in 2015 for the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament. Being from North Dakota, we don’t get the chance to see history firsthand very often. While in Boston, we rode on a tram and were able to see all the history we had been learning about since grade school. I thought that was pretty cool.

Why I became an accountant:

When I got to college, I was asked what major I wanted to pursue. I responded with “business.” Turns out, there isn’t a business degree and I was assigned the path of pre-accountancy. I took a couple of accounting classes, thought they were interesting and applied for the Eide Bailly Summer Leadership Program. I received an internship after the Summer Leadership Program, and the rest is history.

My biggest pet peeve:

My biggest pet peeve is not being on time. It’s also my biggest fear.