Blog List

HEALTH CARE REFORM TALK is focused on keeping businesses and individuals informed about the constantly changing Health Care Reform landscape. Eide Bailly has the expertise and experience needed to help businesses make informed decisions.

MEDICARE COST REPORT TALK focuses on the Medicare cost report, a document that’s a required filing for any facility that treats Medicare patients.

NONPROFITS TALK focuses on the financial, business and operational issues nonprofits deal with everyday. In this fast-changing world, it is difficult to keep abreast of the many changes affecting the nonprofit sector.

OMG FORENSICS: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN will focus on educating your organization in preventing, detecting, and investigating internal and external threats. We bring the forensic intelligence in safeguarding your organization.

POSSIBILITIES: EXPLORE. DREAM. GROW. is the official blog for small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups. We will focus on tips, tricks and ideas to help grow your startup, develop your business and reach the next level.

STATE AND LOCAL TAX TALK exists to help our clients navigate through an ever-changing State and Local Tax environment so that they can focus on their core business.

TECH TALK is focused on IT-related news, trends, events, tips and strategies for aligning your technology to support your business goals.