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Infrastructure & Networking

Systems That Support Your Business Strategies

We can help you navigate the complex world of infrastructure and networking to find the right solutions.

  • Plan for your future and optimize current IT investments
  • Experience better performance
  • Minimize downtime and improve security
Eide Bailly Infrastructure & Networking 

Our comprehensive infrastructure services support the design, development, installation and operation of complex networks. Whether you need to develop an IT infrastructure from the ground up, or want to move your systems to the cloud, we can help.


IMPACT IT - Managed Services
Gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing your technology needs to a dedicated Eide Bailly client service team that will help you get the most from your IT systems.

Technology Planning & Strategy
Develop business-critical technology plans that are integrated with your business strategies, including operational action plans, project plans and strategic technology plans.

Hosted & Cloud Infrastructure
Choose and manage hosting systems that are appropriate for your business, whether in the “public” or “private” cloud.

Security Services
Identify IT vulnerabilities to manage information system security, maintain data integrity and delivery, and reduce potential information loss.


Technical Architecture & Design
Implement reliable, scalable systems that give your business the information it needs to be successful, including server virtualization, data storage, network engineering and more.

Collaboration & Communication
Improve communication and collaboration—internally and with customers—by giving the right people access to the right information at the right time.

IT Staffing Services
Team up with our IT recruiting professionals to find the most suitable technology talent for your company.


Infrastructure & Networking Solutions
Let us help you find the right solutions through our technology partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, VMWare and other leading companies.


"Many businesses spend their time and energy just maintaining their current IT environment. Think about what innovative ideas you could be implementing if you weren’t spending time simply maintaining your systems."

Jon Ault, Tech Consulting Senior Manager
Eide Bailly LLP

Read "The Business Case for Cloud Computing"

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#WorldWaterDay | The "Do Good" Power of NetSuite + Nonprofits

Every year on the 22nd of March, we take a moment to reflect on the global water crisis. According to recent numbers, nearly 850,000 people die each year due to inadequate water and sanitation solutions worldwide. That's the equivalent of 2,300 lives per day.

This is a heavy realization for the citizens of established, First World countries of the vital, life-giving need for clean, safe water options that we so often take for granted.

In recent years, due to the ongoing California drought and a few big names speaking out for clean water access, like Matt Damon following the popularity of the "Ice Bucket Challenge", the issue has been brought to light on both a local and global scale.

But some, like our not-for-profit client Water Mission, have been striving towards providing developing countries around the world with sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions for more than a decade.

Water Mission | Together We Build from Water Mission on Vimeo.

Tackling the global water crisis is no easy feat. To date, Water Mission has equipped 3,000 communities worldwide with safe water, sanitiation, and hygiene solutions, impacting more than 3 million lives. But, as with most organizations, their growth potential and global reach became increasingly hindered by their limited technology functionality. It was at this realization that the nonprofit engineering organization identified updating their resource management solution from QuickBooks to NetSuite a necessary initiative moving foward to gain real-time visibility across their multiple locations and numerous manufacturing projects, maximize the impact of their donation funds and resources, and, ulitmately, empower their organization to save more lives.

In honor of World Water Day, we at Eide Bailly are proud to have empowered and enabled Water Mission to continue – and excel in their global mission through the use of today's leading cloud ERP solution NetSuite. Learn more about their story and experience below.

Exploring the Value of Integrated ERP

A while back, we wrote a "business basics" post sharing our simple, straightforward explanation of what an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is and how it can enable your business. It quickly became one of our most viewed posts, indicating just how unnecessarily complicated today's technology jargon has become.

Business management solutions at their core are not complex. 

Its sole purpose is relatively straightforward: To connect your business operations to provide a holistic, integrated view of your back-end office for complete visibility across your organization. And yet, a large number of business leaders today feel hindered by a seeming lack of understanding of what the technology is, how it operates, and why it can be a true differentiator for their bottom-line.

Recognizing this, we've made it a point to share our take on today's ERP technology through a recurring techCast webinar series covering the basics, from how the technology has evolved over timeto the system terminology and concepts you need to know. 

But we also know that finding time for another thing in your calendar is no easy feat, so we've recorded a session to share.

Starting at the basis of innovation and the technology lifecycle, how it influences the market and your business, we share the key differences between traditional on-premises systems and today's modern cloud solutions while exploring the value of an integrated business solution like NetSuite in today's dynamic, evolving marketplace.

The Magic of Salesforce Reporting

One of the main competitive advantages gained from implementing Salesforce is the ability to make logical sense of your business’s data.

Data today is created and collected in vast quantities from multiple points across your business, and its worth is growing more steadily than any other commodity in the marketplace. It is a rarity for something common to become valuable, but with today’s leading technologies, that’s fast becoming the reality for those businesses forward-thinking enough to capitalize on the opportunity hidden within their data.

Salesforce is to modern businesses what a wand is to the fictional wizards of Harry Potter. It has essentially brought magic to the 21st Century, taking data that is relatively worthless in its raw, primary form and transforming it to great, profit-yielding potentials.

That said, it takes a bit of practice to master Salesforce reporting. While there may be no Hogwarts for data mining, there are some helpful approaches for getting the most out of your Salesforce solution: utilizing standard reports, customizing reports, or creating personalized reports.

The first two are quite simple; after all, reporting is inherently built-in to your Salesforce solution. Standard reports are provided on standard objects, and report types are even automatically generated when you create custom objects within your solution. Modifying the existing reports is as simple as dragging fields on and off of your screen, applying various filters and timeframes from the toolbar, and watching the sample results as they conjure before your eyes.

The latter, on the other hand, is a bit different. Creating tailored business reports from scratch can produce highly beneficial results for your organization, but it also requires a bit of finesse and experienced know-how.

Here to help – without resorting to charms and spell casting – we’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions we hear from clients to dispel the mysticism of Salesforce reporting.

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