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State and Local Tax

State and Local Tax

Taxpayer Victory in California Franchise Tax Case

A member of an LLC successfully fought off the California franchise tax, where the member did not do business. What does this mean for other taxpayers?

Taxpayer Victory in California Franchise Tax Case 

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Oklahoma Sales Tax Audit Method

States are looking for additional tax revenue. A recent change in sales tax audit methodology, introduced by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), may help OK do just that with its sales tax revenue. If revenue does increase, the chance of this new methodology being implemented by other states is likely to happen as well.

Oklahoma Sales Tax Audit Method 

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Eide Bailly has a variety of services that go well beyond tax and audit to help you make business decisions with confidence. Download this brochure to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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State and Local Tax

Stay in Compliance

Are you in compliance within the jurisdictions you do business?

Knowing whether your business has taxable nexus with a state may help your business avoid significant consequences, including potentially large assessments for back taxes and interest, the imposition of late filing and negligence penalties, cash flow issues and possibly, financial impairment.

Stay in Compliance 

State And Local Tax Professionals

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California Multistate Tax Compact Election

On December 31, 2015, a California Supreme Court decision ended a 6 year long debate regarding the State’s Multistate Tax Compact (“Compact”) election (Gillette Company v. Franchise Tax Bd., No. S206587, Dec. 31, 2015).  While Gillette has indicated it will appeal to the United States Supreme Court, the professional community is mixed on whether the […]

Lift Ticket Tax in Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, Colorado, home to one of the busiest ski resorts in the US, has enacted a tax on lift tickets.  The 4.5% tax applies to all single and multi-day lift passes, but excludes season passes and multi-resort passes.  The revenue is earmarked for combating parking and traffic congestion issues in the small resort town.  For […]

MN Department of Revenue Charitable Fundraising Flowchart

The MN Department of Revenue recently created a flowchart for non-profits answering the question: Do I need to charge sales tax on my fundraising sales?  The newly created decision tree will help determine whether to charge and collect sales tax during a charitable fundraising activity.  View the MN DOR Flowchart.

Clarification on benefits received in Michigan

If you ever found yourself wondering how to interpret the “benefit received” test for sourcing service revenue, Michigan has heard your frustration.  The Michigan Department of Treasury recently released Revenue Administrative Bulletin 2015-20, which provides some much needed context to the application of the benefit received test for purposes of sourcing service receipts as part […]

State of California Franchise Tax Ruling

California reminds us that occasional sale exclusions don’t exist only in the sales tax world!  Chief Counsel Ruling 2015-01 discusses how Cal. Code Regs. 25137(c)(1)(A) can work to exclude certain substantial and occasional receipts from the sales factor for corporate franchise tax purposes.  Having a good understanding of how a significant sale of assets can […]

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Eide Bailly’s state and local tax (SALT) professionals provide specialized expertise to assist taxpayers with navigating, planning for and complying with tax rules at the state and local level.

Our goal is to help our clients proactively address SALT issues to mitigate exposure and potential liabilities and remain in compliance with tax rules.  If something goes wrong, and the state comes knocking at your door, our expertise can help you research the facts, find ways to possibly reduce assessed penalties, resolve issues and create a plan for future compliance.  

What Our Clients Say

“We had been working with the State Revenue Department for months, and struggled to find a resolution. We hired Eide Bailly’s state and local tax professionals to help. As soon as they were involved, things started to happen and a resolution was reached. Our Eide Bailly representative was extremely knowledgeable, displayed confidence and clarity when working with the State.”

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