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HR Consulting

You have a dream, but you need more than your vision to make it a reality. You need the best people strategies in place and that means taking on human resources (HR). HR is, in its most basic sense, the functions related to the employees of an organization, from recruitment to exit.

HR is a crucial function in any size organization as it works with empowering the people who deliver your product. When it’s not given proper attention, it can lead to all sorts of issues. Having HR policies and procedures in place can prevent culture issues, staffing problems and even finding people to work for your organization (so you don’t have to do it all yourself).

Why should I OUTSOURCE this?
We figure that HR isn’t why you got into business. By outsourcing it, you have increased freedom to run your business and improve the culture of the business you’ve built. Further, it puts valuable procedures in place to enhance internal controls and standards, which will hopefully lead to fewer surprises regarding your people.

Our HR consulting practice allows you to stop worrying about the day-to-day details and instead focus on why you got into business in the first place. Plus, it gives you peace-of-mind knowing you have the right people in the seats next to you.

Services Include:

  • Management of human resources infrastructure
  • Creation and implementation of recruiting processes and forms
  • Implementation of onboarding processes
  • Compensation structure creation in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Creation and facilitation of company policies and procedures manual
  • Development of performance review processes
  • Assistance with creation and execution of employee exit process
  • Human resources compliance review
  • Ongoing support with employee issues, concerns or investigations
  • Human resources software selection and implementation
  • Transition planning
  • Creation and implementation of recognition programs
  • Team strategy and development sessions
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Education and training on human resources principles and procedures

Experience the Eide Bailly Difference
At Eide Bailly, we promise our clients an experience, second to none, where they feel understood, connected and confident.