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Jenni Huotari

Jenni Huotari



Jim Ramstad

Jim Ramstad



CFO 2.0

“I don’t understand our books. I have no idea how much money we’re actually making. I don’t know how to avoid the valleys and frankly, I can’t see the future.” WE DO. Until you’re ready to hire one of your own, let us provide you with a full-time virtual CFO/controller. We’ll help you ensure processes are running smoothly and provide you with the data you need so you can see clearer and dream bigger.

Small to mid-sized businesses and startups often cannot afford to maintain a full-time controller or Chief Financial Officer. Yet, the services these professionals provide can be essential to your company’s success, providing strategic vision and guidance.

Why should I OUTSOURCE this?
Do you like numbers? Do they get your heart racing? Or do they give you a giant headache? Don’t worry, you won’t offend us. Our professionals love numbers … so you don’t have to. Outsourcing your CFO/controller responsibilities allows you to get a handle on the financial state and future of your organization, without worrying about the day-to-day numerical details.

Services Include:

  • Develop and implement a strategic business financial plan
  • Financial statement (PL, BS, CF) projection forecast
  • Financial and operational improvement plans
  • Key metric benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Bank and investor preparation
  • On-call support and training for bookkeeping and operational personnel
  • Review of bank and other reconciliations
  • Review of A/R and A/P to ensure proper cash management
  • Cash management
  • Commission calculations
  • Financial statement snapshot and discussion with management
  • Cash projections review
  • Financial statement review
  • Review of budget vs actual details

Experience the Eide Bailly Difference
At Eide Bailly, we promise our clients an experience, second to none, where they feel understood, connected and confident.