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The Eye of the Storm: Preparing for Your Next Cyber Security Incident

By   Calvin W. Weeks

June 14, 2017

In the “good ol' days,” cleaning an infected computer and then putting it back in use was easy-- Those days are over! Waiting passively & unprepared for an attack could cost you your business. Knowing your responsibilities and liabilities ahead of a cyber threat or incident will help you understand what is required to protect your business assets before disaster strikes. 

The risk implications of a cyber security incident are not contained to the IT department; cyber breaches have a far-reaching effect and therefore it's important to prepare across organizational divisions. If you are an executive, board member or someone responsible for the IT, HR, cyber security or legal functions of your business; this whitepaper and webinar recording is for you! 

Brought to you by Eide Bailly & Falhaber Larson, we cover:

  • Cyber Security by definition 
  • Sources and types of threats identified 
  • How to effectively utilize a risk assessment
  • Effective Incident Response Plan strategies 
  • Strategic approaches for responding to a breach

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