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Affordable Housing

Eide Bailly serves 5,900 affordable housing clients nationwide, including developers, management companies, investors, syndicators, contractors, agencies, community managers and HOAs. Clients value our in-depth knowledge of affordable housing issues, such as tax matters, and government programs and requirements that impact their businesses.

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Contact Shannon Breuer

Director of Affordable Housing 



Affordable Housing Shannon Breuer

Ag Producers

Eide Bailly serves 2,300 farmers, ranchers and other agricultural producers, bringing them insights and effective solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Our clients value year-round attentive service. They appreciate the way we listen to their needs and provide appropriate services, such as FSA program management, strategic planning, succession planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

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Contact Steven Troyer

Director of Ag Producers 



Ag Producers Steven Troyer

Closely Held Businesses

Eide Bailly serves 59,000 clients nationwide, the majority of which are closely held businesses. Clients have access to 1,600 professionals with diverse talents who deliver solutions from start-up assistance, to retirement and succession planning. Clients appreciate our insights shared through personal conversations, newsletter updates and periodic seminars.

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Contact Ron Hecht

Director of National Tax Office 



Closely Held Businesses Ron Hecht

Construction & Real Estate

Eide Bailly has been serving the construction/real estate industry since 1917, and currently serves 1,300 companies. Clients benefit from our high retention of staff and, thus, a team who has worked together for years. Through these stable relationships, we provide our clients with the genuine advice and tailored solutions they need to succeed.

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Contact Wade Sandy

Director of Construction & Real Estate 



Construction & Real Estate Wade Sandy


We provide services to dealers across the country, from single franchises to multi-franchise mega-dealers, including automobile, implement, tractor-trailer and recreational dealerships. Clients benefit from our 50+ years of experience with dealerships, as well as access to 1,600 professionals across Eide Bailly who can assist with specialized issues like fraud prevention, cost segregation studies, cyber security reviews and business valuations.

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Contact Kelley Grace

Director of Dealerships 



Dealerships Kelley Grace

Financial Institutions

Eide Bailly serves more than 500 financial institutions in 17 states with assets ranging from $10 million to more than $8 billion. In addition to offering a full array of services, we act as a sounding board for management discussions and strategic planning. Clients appreciate our insights shared through personal conversations, newsletter updates and our annual Bankers Seminar.

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Contact Gary Smith

Director of Financial Institutions 



Financial Institutions Gary Smith


Eide Bailly provides specialized services for commercial and tribal gaming, with a significant amount of experience with Nevada gaming, as well as other operations across the U.S. We work diligently to provide financial audit services that will enhance your casino’s reputation and credibility. Additionally, we offer a full range of services to the casino industry to meet your needs.

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Contact Caesar Ibarra




Gaming Caesar Ibarra


Nearly 500 professionals at Eide Bailly are focused on serving our governmental clients, ranging from small, local governments to large state agencies. Clients value our in-depth knowledge of governments, our ability to decipher the laws and regulations governing the industry, and our ability to provide insights and solutions.

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Contact Lealan Miller

Director of Governmental Services 



Government Lealan Miller

Health Care

Health care is Eide Bailly’s largest industry with more than 180 profes-
sionals dedicated to serving health care organizations nationwide. Our services go beyond cost reports, audit and tax, to help you drive results and plan for a strong future, from revenue cycle and operational process improvement to reimbursement and information technology.

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Contact Geoff Knobloch

Director of Health Care 



Health Care Geoff Knobloch


Eide Bailly has 60 dedicated professionals who serve clients in the life, health, property and casualty areas, as well as regulators across the country. Our Firm continues to grow and is a nationally-recognized provider of insurance services. Eide Bailly is consistently ranked in the top ten in the United States by A.M. Best’s Amount of Statutory Premiums Audited.

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Insurance Our Insurance Team

Manufacturing & Distribution

We serve 1,600 diverse manufacturing & distribution clients, ranging from food processors and household products to machinery, metal components, electronics and fabricated products. Our clients appreciate that we understand the complex issues they face and stay connected with them throughout the year. Using a team approach, clients benefit from seamless access to the resources they need to succeed.

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Contact David Glennon

Director of Manufacturing & Distribution 



Manufacturing & Distribution David Glennon


Eide Bailly has worked with nonprofits since 1917, and serves 2,100 organizations nationwide. With more than 180 professionals serving exempt organizations, we are proud to deliver a consistently high level of service to our clients, and serve as leaders in the industry. Clients appreciate our insights shared through personal conversations and newsletter updates.

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Contact Beth Bird

Director of Nonprofit 



Nonprofit Beth Bird

Oil & Gas

Eide Bailly has a talented and experienced oil and gas team that has been actively serving the industry for more than 40 years. Our clients appreciate that we understand the complex issues they face and stay connected with them throughout the year. We continually share our knowledge through personal conversations and our electronic newsletter, The Pipeline.

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Contact TJ Bert

Director of Oil & Gas 



Oil & Gas TJ Bert

Renewable Energy

Eide Bailly has worked with renewable energy clients for 15+ years, and serves 30 ethanol, biodiesel, wind, solar and biomass clients across the country. Our experienced renewable energy team assists clients with a variety of tax, accounting and business consulting needs. Clients appreciate our ability to analyze their issues and provide solutions during all stages of their business.

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Contact Jim Schmidt

Director of Renewable Energy 



Renewable Energy Jim Schmidt


Eide Bailly’s tribal team can help you feel confident your tribe is on the right course with all of its related entities. Our firm offers personal service and national resources in a number of industries, including gaming, health care, manufacturing, education, and other small business enterprises. Tribes are served by team members who are engaged in the industry and well-positioned in organizations associated with governmental and tribal entities.

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Contact Brian Stavenger




Tribal Brian Stavenger


Eide Bailly has worked with utility clients across the nation for more than 50 years. Our clients appreciate that we understand the many challenges they face and are familiar with the regulations and governmental groups impacting the industry. Our knowledgeable team of professionals delivers solutions that are effective and affordable.

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Contact Derrick Larson

Director of Utilities 



Utilities Derrick Larson