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Boise, Idaho

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877 W. Main St., Ste. 800
Boise, ID 83702

Kevin Andersen

T 208.344.7150
F 208.344.7435

Contact Information 

Boise Professionals

Erickson, Anders208.383.4731aerickson@eidebailly.comView
Keller, Bill208.383.4709bkeller@eidebailly.comView
Lawrence, Bobby208.383.4742blawrence@eidebailly.comView
Berman, Eric208.424.3524eberman@eidebailly.comView
Hallett, Jae208.383.4719jhallett@eidebailly.comView
Yee, James208.383.4758jyee@eidebailly.comView
Young, Jim208.383.4765jyoung@eidebailly.comView
Daugherty, Jodi208.424.3512jdaugherty@eidebailly.comView
Hawkins, Julie208.383.4790jahawkins@eidebailly.comView
Andersen, Kevin208.383.4720kandersen@eidebailly.comView
Smith, Kevin208.383.4755ksmith@eidebailly.comView
Miller, Lealan208.383.4756lmiller@eidebailly.comView
Lindstrom, Mike208.383.4739mlindstrom@eidebailly.comView
Runcorn, Peggy208.383.4701pruncorn@eidebailly.comView
Malewski, Renee208.383.4725rmalewski@eidebailly.comView
Phillips, Scot208.383.4753sphillips@eidebailly.comView
Hazen, Toby208.383.4722thazen@eidebailly.comView
Burgess, Travis208.383.4706tburgess@eidebailly.comView

Campus Hires

Campus Hires

If you are looking for a career that is MORE than a beginning, then Eide Bailly may be the right choice for you. Search our online career database for internship or entry-level opportunities.

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Experienced Hires

Experienced Hires

Do you want to be MORE than an accountant? We are the Firm of choice for people who enjoy a supportive and caring environment, where fun is encouraged and individual contributions are valued.

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Our Office


Eide Bailly is located in the Wells Fargo Bank building in downtown Boise, the capitol city of Idaho. The Boise metro area is home to more than 630,000 residents who enjoy great shopping, dining, arts and entertainment throughout the city. More than 90 Eide Bailly partners and staff members serve clients locally, as well as throughout the region and internationally.

Awards and Recognitions

Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments and Eide Bailly is no different. Our Firm has received some awards that we are pretty proud of – such as being ranked in Vault for our great work environment and receiving numerous workplace of choice awards.

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