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Be MORE than an Accountant


Ranked 13th By Vault!

Eide Bailly is proud to be ranked on Vault.com’s list of the best accounting firms in 2016! These rankings are based on a weighted formula that considers issues accounting professionals care about most, including quality of life rankings (such as culture, satisfaction, work/life balance and compensation) and overall prestige.

Ranked as a Top 15 Firm
Tax Partner

Meet Ron Yates

Ron is MORE than an accountant, he's a weekend cattle rancher. With the right combination of hard work and motivation, the open ranges become unlimited possibilities.

"To rise to partner level, you don't necessarily have to put in the most hours ..." Ron says. "Now, if you are committed to growing your technical skills and leadership abilities, the potential is more likely."

Ron's Story | Ron's Profile

Meet Ron Yates
Audit Partner

Meet Mary Jo Richard

Mary Jo is MORE than an accountant, she's an amateur photographer. Like focusing her lens, she adjusted her schedule to capture memorable experiences.

"Eide Bailly recognizes its people as its greatest assets. Staff members appreciate flexibility and understand it does not always mean you work less, rather you work more when needed and less when you are able."

Mary Jo's Story | Mary Jo's Profile

Meet Mary Jo Richard
Tax Senior Manager

Meet Jeff Brown

Jeff is MORE than an accountant, he's a bookstore buff. With each new chapter, his inquisitive mind absorbs knowledge, making him a sought-after resource.

"I'm motivated to keep learning and growing because I know the Firm, my peers and clients value my insight," Jeff says. "I'm fortunate to work in a Firm where technical skills are enhanced and rewarded."

Jeff's Story | Jeff's Profile

Meet Jeff Brown
Forensic Accounting Partner

Meet Jason Olson

Jason is MORE than an accountant, he's a grill master. Through focused learning, he has become a barbeque connoisseur and a forensic services specialist.

"With the Firm's support, I excel at what I enjoy most-'grilling' suspects in a forensic accounting case, with personal time remaining to refine my skills at the barbeque grill," Jason says.

Jason's Story | Jason's Profile

Meet Jason Olson
Tax Partner

Meet Shannon Breuer

Shannon is MORE than an accountant, she's a mother. Her caring, nurturing attitude is reflected in the personal attention she gives clients.

"I believe the culture makes me a better advisor to clients and teacher to staff,” Shannon says. “It also enables me to be a better mother. I would not be able to be a partner and a mother if Eide Bailly didn’t support and trust me."

Shannon's Story | Shannon's Profile

Meet Shannon Breuer
Search career opportunities with Eide Bailly

Our Firm posts all available career opportunities on this site; we may use other sites to advertise open positions, but know that we do not request personal information, like Social Security numbers, bank account information. If you are ever asked for this type of information, it is likely that advertisement is a scam.

Protect Your Identity

Eide Bailly LLP strives to maintain the highest level of integrity in all its business affairs, including recruiting. Please know that all available career opportunities at Eide Bailly LLP are listed on the firm’s website in the Careers Section. We also use other sites from time to time to advertise open positions. If you have seen or responded to a listing advertised on another website that you do not see here, it is likely that advertisement is a scam.

In addition, it is important to know that Eide Bailly does not request personal information (driver’s license number, Social Security number, bank account, credit card or Paypal account details) as part of the process for submitting a resume for a position. Some personal information will be requested by a Human Resources Representative if you are brought in for an interview, and is utilized for background check purposes only.

If you believe you have discovered/ responded to a fraudulent job posting under the Eide Bailly’s company name, please contact our toll-free Career Hotline immediately at 1.877.EB.JOB.4U.


We are proud that Vault ranked Eide Bailly’s culture No. 3 among CPA firms across the nation! The culture at Eide Bailly extends beyond feeling like a family. Staff are trusted, respected and given opportunities to make an impact! We work hard, but we play hard, too. Read More

Community Involvement

Your desire to serve others shouldn’t end when your career begins. Eide Bailly encourages its staff to be involved in various outreach and service projects, as well as in client-related opportunities. Read More

Making an Impact

At Eide Bailly, making an impact is not a coincidence, it’s part of the Firm’s promise to staff and our culture. Staff members are given challenging work and opportunities to be innovative and creative. They are respected for their contributions and encouraged to make a difference. Read More

Paid Time Off (PTO)

At Eide Bailly, staff members start off with four weeks of paid-time-off (PTO) per year. This accrual increases over time to reflect your position within the Firm and length of service. In addition to PTO, all staff receive holiday leave throughout the year. Read More

Parental Leave

We know family is important. To help maintain a balance during some of the most important transitions in life, the Firm offers paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child. Read More

Wellness Benefit

Enjoy a membership to a health facility, work with a personal trainer, or benefit from a weight-loss program or home fitness equipment - with monetary help from the Firm. Read More

Inside Eide Bailly

We've put together a YouTube video playlist to showcase our culture and promote Eide Bailly. Please enjoy these staff generated videos of our people in action. View Video Playlist

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Our Promise to Staff

You can expect a different experience working at Eide Bailly; one that is truly caring and supportive; one where you play an active role in your career; and one where you can make an impact.


We are proud that Vault ranked Eide Bailly’s culture No 3 among CPA firms across the nation! The culture at Eide Bailly extends beyond feeling like a family. Staff are trusted, respected and given opportunities to make an impact! We work hard, but we play hard, too. Read More

Be MORE than an Accountant

If you are looking for a career where you can be MORE than an accountant, then Eide Bailly is the right choice for you!
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